MD32 Series Panel

Shield – MD32 series panles are a preconfigured central battery system with single luminaire monitoring without additional wires, free programmable circuits and 5-year log book for connecting emergency and security luminaires with LED, fluorescent or halogen lamps. Available either with one or two chargers to 2.5A. The biggest version equipped with 55 Ah batteries, performes an output of 2300 W for 3 hours.

The circuit module supplies all connected luminaires to the system with electricity. Each outlet can be programmed for circuit monitored systems and for single luminaire monitoring. A combined operation is also possible. The MD32 can hold up to 16 modules of types SCM42 for up to 32 current circuits.

Each module is designed for 2 output circuits, each with up to 20 lights. Each circuit can be programmed as continuous light, maintained light, switched maintained light or a staircase light. Maintained lights and emergency lights can be operated combined. This allows up to 640 emergency or safety lights to be supplied.

Type Fusing Per Circuit Maximum Load Per Circuit
SCM 42 2 x F6.3A 4A / 860 VA

The built-in web interface with visualization software allows to set up and monitoring the system and the connected lights very comfortable from any networked PC. The position of the installed luminaires can be shown on a stored building plan.

Up to 32 systems can be linked by TCP / IP. This allows a maximum of 1024 circuits and 20,480 luminaires to be connected and monitored by the whole system.