MC6 Series Panel

    The Shield – MC6 panel is a decentralized power supply system. This system combines the high reliability of a decentralized single-battery system with the ease and comfort of a central battery system.

    The MC6 is installed in a electrical service room in each fire compartment. MCL works in switched mode 230VAC or 216VDC and can be equipped with up to 6 main circuits. One additional circuit is installed by default. This assures the possibility to connect conventional luminaires with electronic ballast and an input voltage of 230V AC / DC. In combination with our innovative LED luminaires energy efficiency, durability, and lighting improvements in all parts of the building can be optimized.

    The integrated browser-based visualization software makes the system capable to monitor all connected emergency and rescure route luminaires and report immediately in case of failure.

    A certified E30-cabinet is available as an option.