RadioLINK Alarm Controller

The SWI-3020 RadioLINK Alarm Controller is used to control all the Alarms in a system from one convenient place. An Alarm Controller is highly recommended if you have Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarms on the same system, as it’s essential that you can tell which alarm has sounded. The SWI-3020 contains LED indicator icons which clearly display which danger has activated the Alarm. From there you can identify which danger is present and take the appropiate action.

The SWI-3020 is powered for life by a tamper proof, sealed lithium battery. It is completely wireless and can be wall mounted or free standing, giving you more freedom on its location. It contains RadioLINK wireless technology enabling communication with up to 12 other Alarms and Devices. An interconnected system will enhance early detection and warning of danger.

In standby the Alarm system can be easily tested by just pressing the central button. This will test and sound all the interconnected Alarms for a short period of time.

When the system is activated the triggering Alarm can be identified (located) by simply pressing the central button. The SWI-3020 will identify the triggering Alarm and indicate whether it has been triggered by a Smoke, Heat or Carbon Monoxide Alarm by a flashing indicator icon. Once identified it may be silenced by pressing the central button again.

The System Diagnostic mode allows an extended two minute ‘Long Test’ period to be selected. It also allows a previously triggered Alarm to be identified, this is known as the ‘Check Alarm Memory Test’.