Battery Operated Smoke Alarm with RadioLINK+

The SWI-2010 Battery Optical Smoke Alarm with RadioLINK+ operates on the light scatter principle to detect smoke particles entering the optical chamber. The alarm is sensitive to all domestic fire types but is especially sensitive to visible smouldering fires.

The SWI-2010 is fitted with a RadioLINK+ Module. This will allow the alarm to be interconnected to other RadioLINK Alarms and Devices. Up to 12 Alarms and Devices can be interconnected. An interconnected system will enhance early detection and warning of fire.

The SWI-2010 is powered for life by a 3V lithium battery and the RadioLINK+ Module has it’s own 3V lithium battery power supply. This ensures that the battery will never require changing through its intended working life. The battery will activate when the Alarm head is twisted onto it’s mounting base. This ensures that the battery life will be maximised. The SWI-2010 will give an audible and visual indication that the battery is low and the alarm has reached the end of it’s useful life.

The SWI-2010 is fitted with a large easy to use Test/ Hush button to facilitate frequent testing of the alarm. The Test/ Hush button can be used to silence nuisance alarms, e.g. cooking fumes, for a 10 minute period. The sounder will automatically stop sounding when smoke particles are no longer present in the chamber. It will also broadcast a cancel signal to stop all other alarms sounding.

The SWI-2010 is supplied with screw fittings and a simple to install twist on mounting base for an easy installation.