Line Array Loudspeakers

These Line Array loudspeakers mean a new quality among the facilities of the kind. SP-LA30 and SP-LA60 units are line-array loudspeaker columns, which means they ensure considerably farther reach than conventional units at simultaneous maintenance of high uniformity of sound level in the area of broadcasting. Being line-array acoustic sources, these columns feature a unique high directionality in vertical plane so that the sound they generate will rather go exactly towards the controlled audiospace instead of unwanted areas, such as e.g. ceiling or floor. These columns are mostly designed for the rooms with high reverberation time as well as for other places where the quality of speech is reduced due to unfavourable conditions.

The design allows easy mechanical and electrical integration of the two columns into a single consistent unit which becomes a loudspeaker with higher power output and farther reach. It makes a better use of the benefits offered by the line-array source. Variable geometry of the column allows generating two sound beams to be randomly sent at various angles to the two different areas. Sound transfer band of the these columns has been designed to achieve the highest possible fidelity of speech signal reproduction and to ensure unchallenged parameters of the quality of speech, all as required by the standards applicable to the Voice Evacuation Systems.

Solid aluminium enclosure, steel assembly jigs, and IP 65 guarantee long-term failurefree operations under any conditions, both in outdoor and indoor environments. The columns are entirely dustproof and resistant to the impact of direct water jet.