Horn-Type Loudspeakers

Horn-type loudspeakers are designed for either simple or most complex and sophisticated sound-transmitting applications. They combine excellent acoustic parameters and high aesthetics with resistance to mechanical damages and varying weather conditions as well as simple assembling and low price. Quality standards and audio characteristics have been confirmed through tests and trials employing echo-proof chamber, resistance and integrity testing equipment, as well as chambers for resistance to weather and air humidity testing.

These comprises highly efficient loudspeakers which produce sounds featuring directional characteristics and operate in any atmospheric conditions (A, B, C environmental type). Thanks to their balanced frequency band they guarantee high understanding of verbal communication. Furthermore, they can transmit musical background. Their casings are made of ABS UL94VO, a synthetic material featuring high resistance to mechanical damages and selfextinguishing properties. Loudspeakers are perfectly protected from dust and humidity (IP66). The assembling jig ensures adjusting the inclination for the optimum coverage of the area of communications.

These loudspeakers are applied on circulation routes and inside the rooms with high after-sound as well as in widespread outdoor area broadcasting. They are unparalleled on sport sites, at swimming pools, in expo and industrial halls, warehouses, open and underground car parks, and in open areas such as e.g. stadiums, parks, etc.

These loudspeakers entirely comply with global requirements concerning evacuation systems, including the standards such as BS5839 Part 8 and EN 54-24. Ceramic blocks, internal flame-resistant wiring, and temperature limit fuses protect the broadcasting line from short-circuits or breaks and ensure continuous operations even in case of fire-produced damages or burns. The loudspeaker located in the zone of fire is isolated from the sound-transmitting line. A special design eliminates the risk of fall of any of its burnt components, which ensures safe fire escape process. This feature has been confirmed by means of the most rigorous testing under the temperature of 822°C ambient temperature.

This loudspeaker offer comprises three power rating models, i.e. 10 W, 15 W, and 30 W. The individual rated power is selected by means of connection with applicable transformer branch. All these loudspeakers are designed so as to ensure continuous operations at rated parameters for at least 100 hours (consistent with IEC-268-5 Standard).

In spite of the fact our loudspeakers are designed for the highest reliability under fire conditions, they can be also used in any and all public address systems.