Sound Projectors

These sound projectors have been designed and manufactured for the most demanding customers as well as to meet the requirements of the most complex and sophisticated sound transmitting applications. Thanks to the contribution of advanced technologies they combine excellent acoustic parameters and high aesthetics with resistance to mechanical damages and varying weather conditions as well as low prices. Their additional quality is an exceptionally quick and simple installation.

Quality standards and audio characteristics have been confirmed through multiple tests and trials we have applied for many years, including e.g. our own echo-proof chamber, resistance and integrity testing equipment, as well as chambers for resistance to varying weather and air humidity testing. The need to maintain the best acoustic parameters was the idea underlying the design process.

This loudspeaker models emit the sound which features directional characteristic and high efficiency. 5-inch 2-cone wide band loudspeakers used in these series are excellent alternative solution for horn-type units due to wide frequency band. They prove excellent in both musical and verbal applications. Loudspeakers are enclosed in round casings made of polished extruded aluminium; they feature a high class of protection from humidity. Thanks to directional characteristic of sound propagation our loudspeakers are mostly applied on circulation routes and in wide area sound emission. Due to resistance to weather conditions the loudspeakers prove excellent in industrial halls, warehouses, as well as partly open spaces exposed to outdoor weather conditions.

Apart from high mechanical and functional resistance these loudspeakers entirely comply with global requirements for systems, including also the British Standard No. BS5839 Part 8 and EN 54-24.

Technical solutions applied in the design ensure continuous operations of sound-transmitting line connected with the loudspeaker even in the case the latter is damaged or burnt as a result of fire. The said protection is composed of up to 650°C temperature-proof ceramic blocks installed inside the loudspeaker, internal fireproof wiring, and temperature limit fuse. Two sound-transmission cable penetrations in the casing are insulated by means of two rubber cable glands. Inside the fire zone the loudspeaker is isolated from the entire line, which ensures line continuity and uninterrupted broadcasting of fire escape messages. The individual power rating is selected by means of connection with applicable transformer branch.

All these loudspeakers are designed for continuous operations at rated parameters for at least 100 hours in compliance with the IEC-268-5 Standard.

To be quite sure our loudspeakers comply with the highest quality standards we test them thoroughly following the most meticulous procedures that warrant excellent parameters of sound emission, safety and reliability.