Highly Directional Tunnel Loudspeaker

In case of an emergency, the Voice Evacuation System needs to guide people in the tunnel to safety so the audio transmission should be as clear as possible. In general, due to high levels of reverberation and noise, a tunnel is not an ideal environment for Voice Evacuation System and therefore speech intelligibility becomes a critical parameter for any voice alarm application. To establish a sufficient level of speech intelligibility, a highly directional speakers system is required. By reducing the energy emitted to other surfaces, reflective sound energy can be minimized which results in a better direct to reverberant ratio. This will improve the maximum feasible speech intelligibility. To minimize disturbing echo effects, resulting in a loss of speech intelligibility, each horn speaker is driven by an individual signal channel in a 100 V installation, which is equipped with audio DSP including EQ and delay. Our product S4T (Safety For Tunnel) offers the most effective solution which seamlessly combines a dedicated Voice Evacuation System with tailored Tunnel Loudspeakers.