Battery Operated Heat Alarm with RadioLINK+

The SWI-2020 Battery Heat Alarm With RadioLINK+ is activated by heat from a fire, not smoke, which makes it ideal for kitchen installations where smoke alarms are prone to nuisance alarms.

The SWI-2020 is powered by a sealed 10 year lithium battery that is non replaceable. It is designed to last for the working life of the alarm. When depleted it will give an audible and visual warning.

The SWI-2020 is fitted with a RadioLINK+ Module. This will allow the alarm to be interconnected to other RadioLINK Alarms and Devices. Up to 12 Alarms and Devices can be interconnected. An interconnected system will enhance early detection and warning of fire.

The SWI-2020 is supplied with screw fittings with a simple to install twist on mounting base. The alarm is not powered until it is twisted on the mounting base, thus avoiding battery power consumption during storage and prior to installation.

The SWI-2020 and other RadioLINK enabled smoke Alarms and Devices must be House Coded together. This will avoid interference and unintentional interconnection with other systems.

The Alarm is fitted with a large central Test/ Hush button to facilitate frequent testing of the Alarm and system. The silence function allows the Alarm/ system to be silenced in the case of a false/ nuisance alarm, e.g. cooking fumes.