Zone Microphone

This zone microphone is used to induce general announcements, to choose individual zones and to broadcast live voice messages.

It is connected directly to a selected control unit or via an additional Ethernet switch. A zone micro-phone is supplied with power locally or from a control unit via POE.

It is equipped with programmable function buttons which may arbitrarily be assigned selected functions. All the parameters needed for operation of a worksite can be programmed: assignment of zones to various buttons, naming of zones and zone groups, priorities, access to various announce-ments, voice level adjustment, “push to talk” button, music on / music off and music routing. LEDs on the SMA-ZM give also information about existing fault in the system, fault in specific speaker zone, evacuation mode on and type of announcement on the zone (BGM, EVAC, Warning, Fireman microphone).

A zone microphone offers a possibility of connecting up to five SMA-EKB-20M extension with additional function buttons to it.

As a fireman microphone it is also equipped with an intercom function and is able to communicate with each other microphone in the system.