Fireman Microphone

A NANOVES fireman microphone is a monitored external device cooperating with control units in a redundant communication ring. It can thereby perform a superior function of a system control unit, too. A fireman microphone is used to induce alarm announcements as well as general announcements, to choose individual zones and to broadcast live voice announcements. It is equipped with programmable function buttons with the help of which functions chosen may be arbitrarily assigned. Up to five SMA-EKB-20M extensions with additional function buttons may be attached to a fireman microphone.

A CPU switch enables immediate and direct broadcasting of announcements to all zones without any involvement of the control system (even during a failure of the central processor). The microphone is able to automatically detect a button failure and an audio path to the microphone capsule (inclusive).A fireman microphone is also equipped with an intercom function and is able to communicate with each other microphone in the system.