Water Line

HDPE Pipe Technical Data as per ISO 4437:
SHIELD Polyethylene is the right choice for your Gas application due to its characteristics such as strength, flexibility, inertness, light weight and ease of maintenance and installation. SHIELD HDPE pipes are maintenance free with a design life of over 50 years under normal operating conditions.

SHIELD manufactures HDPE pipes for GAS service as per ISO 4437 standards which undergo rigorous quality checks throughout the entire production process to ensure their reliability and effectiveness for gas transportation. SHIELD manufactures gas pipes in a size range of 40mm to 315mm sizes from PE 100 material grade. The preferred series of pipes are SDR 11 and SDR 17 for gas applications.

Pipes are available in coils in order to reduce the number of Joints to make a cost effective choice for contractors and clients. Pipes are also available in straight lengths of 6 or 12 meters. The jointing can be done by Butt-welding or Electro-Fusion jointing methods, providing a completely homogeneous leak free system.

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