Drainage Line

HDPE Pipe Technical Data as per BS EN 1519-1:

SHIELD also provides an effective and economic alternative to cast iron and other traditional systems for drainage applications. The SHIELD HDPE drainage system is a total solution for all types of drainage requirements, soil and waste include above and below ground, and chemical waste applications. The exceptional performance is the result of versatile characteristics of SHIELD HDPE, which make the system fit for long term solution as compared to cast iron and other traditional systems. Its Corrosion resistance and ability to withstand in different temperature makes it suitable to use in chemical and greasy kitchen waste applications.

What makes SHIELD HDPE Piping System a great alternative solution?

  • Corrosion & Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Low weight, flexible and Easy to install
  • Ideal for prefabrication and recyclable.

Areas of application
SHIELD HDPE Drainage Pipe is suitable for Laboratories, Factories, Hotels and Domestic/ Commercial/Industrial buildings.

SHIELD HDPE Drainage pipes are manufactured in accordance with the European standard BS EN 1519-1 which supersedes the German standards DIN 19535-1 and DIN 19535-2.

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