RadioLINK Relay Module

The SWI-3010 is a RadioLINK Relay Module that switches a relay to activate external devices when an Alarm in the system is triggered. The electrically isolated contacts can be used for many applications such as signalling, turning on lights, strobes etc. It has volt free contacts (Normally Open and Normally Closed) as standard but can be wired to give a 230V output or 24V output using an external 24V supply.

The SWI-3010 is mains powered and has back-up rechargable lithium cells in the event of mains power failure. The lithium cells have a 10 year life and are designed to last for the working life of the relay. They will provide up to 2 months operation in the event of a mains power failure.

The SWI-3010 is primarily designed to work with other RadioLINK enabled Alarms and Devices. For additional flexibility the SWI-3010 can also be used with conventional hard wired interconnect system. As supplied the relay operates continuously but can be easily adjusted to pulse condition.

The SWI-3010 uses advanced transceiver and signal coding technology to ensure robust and reliable RF signalling. It also has a House Code feature that allows a system of RadioLINK Alarms and Devices to be coded together to prevent inteference with neighbouring systems.

The Relay Module is designed to be remotely sited at a convenient point and is supplied with complete with its own cover and fixings.