Pressure Control/Release Valve


SHIELD Pressure reducing valve is for fire protection application and pressure regulation. The Valve automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower outlet pressure, regardless of varying inlet pressure and / or changing flow rates. This Valve operates on a hydraulically controlled diaphragm. It has proven to be highly reliable and easy to maintain. The valve is pilot controlled and is very sensitive to slight downstream pressure fluctuations and will automatically open or close to maintain the desired preset pressure settings, wide range of downstream pressure can be set by turning the adjustment screw on the pressure control pilot valve (PCP). The adjustment screw is protected from being tempered by a cover screw which can be sealed.

As the downstream water flow demand changes the pressure control pilot valve senses the downstream pressure and opens or closes to throttle the main valve to maintain a constant delivery pressure. The down stream water pressure is controlled under both flowing and non-flowing (static) condition.

As per Underwriters Laboratory a pressure gauge must be installed at upstream and down stream of the valve. A relief valve of not less than 0.5 inch size must be installed on the downstream side of the valve with proper draining for relief valve.

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