The Shield AUL series of power supplies is designed to provide the power and flexibility needed for the most demanding fire system installations. The AUL-NX10AB/R is a 10 Amp unit, whereas the AUL-NX06AR is a 6 Amp, 24Vdc switch-mode power supply design. This design, which is up to 50% more efficient than linear mode supplies, makes the AUL series the best choice for powering fire system notification appliances and accessories.

    New and retrofit construction requirements for ADA compliance are easily accomplished with ample power for additional notification appliances, along with the ability to synchronize the notification appliances using built-in sync generation for Shield, System Sensor®, Gentex®, and Wheelock® notification appliances. The AUL series goes even further to make retrofits easier with the advanced Quadra Sync feature, allowing notification appliances from different manufacturers to sync with each other.

    You also have the option to monitor an existing circuit by placing a reference resistor of the same value on the power supply and continuing to monitor the circuit without changing the field EOL.

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