Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor

Joslyn brand Fire Pump motors are UL Listed as per the requirements mentioned in the UL standard UL 1004-5. These motors are specifically designed for utilizing along with fire pumps that are installed as per NFPA 20. These motors are the best choice for such applications that require high reliability as all the relevant performance characteristics have undergone detailed evaluation confirming the conformance to the parameters stipulated by the related standards.

These motors are protected by a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Enclosure. The main advantage of using the Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Enclosure motors is that it provides better protection for inner windings, contacts and bearing as they are protected in an enclosed casing from contaminants in outside environment like dust and grit.

Motors under this series are horizontally mounted and are classified as low voltage squirrel cage medium induction motors that are designed as per NEMA MG-1 standards.