Remote Control Switch

Hard-wired Alarm Control Switch

The SBI-3020 Alarm Control switch is designed for use with hardwired smoke / heat alarms, Carbon Monoxide alarms and devices. It is used to control all the alarms in a system from one convenient place. We highly recommend fitting a control switch if you have multiple smoke and heat alarms on the same system.

The Alarm Control switch increases the flexibility and user friendliness of the alarms by allowing the user to remotely Test, Locate and Silence alarms in the system.

The Test switch allows the user to test the alarms easily, without having to access the alarms on the ceiling. By pressing the Test switch all alarms will sound for a short period.

The Locate switch allows the user to identify which alarm has triggered the system to sound. By pressing the Locate switch all alarms will sound except the alarm which triggered the alarm.

The Silence switch allows the user to silence all alarms in a system if a false / nuisnace alarm has been identified. By pressing the Silence switch all alarms will stop alarming for a 10 minute period.

The SBI-3020 is supplied complete with it’s own surface mount pattress and all fixings. It can also be mounted in a standard recessed box (not supplied).