OMEGA-X Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (2 or 4 Loops)

The SA-P20R and SA-P4LR analog addressable FACP supports 2 or 4 SLC loops for a total of 500 primary points or 800 points using subpoints. SLC loop communications uses standard twisted pair cabling, shielded cable is not necessary.

Available with one or two detection loops for a total of 250 primary points or 400 points using subpoints. SHIELD Omega uses leading edge microprocessor based electronics to provide a flexible control system with high reliability and integrity.

The panel may be configured with various communication cards; Communications options support central station monitoring, virtual panel, and networking. The panel can be configured as a stand alone panel with just a few devices for a small building, it can also operate as the building system and can be part of a network with a total of 64 nodes serving a multiple building campus or a very large facility.

Auto Learn capability provides a convenient method to troubleshoot new installations before final programming is loaded.

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