Multisensor Detector

D-C400 Conventional Combination Heat/Photoelectric Smoke Detector is consisted of smoke sensing and semi-conductor temperature sensing parts in processing and circuitry. Matching with D-APP ActiveEnd of Line Unit, it can be connected with conventional fire alarm control panel or intelligent fire alarm control panels through AI-515 Addressable Zone Monitor Unit to execute signal processing. This non-addressable detector has the advantages of both conventional photoelectric detector and rate of rise and fixed temperature heat detector. Just because of the combination technology of smoke detector and heat detector, it overcomes the non-sensitivity to dark smoke particles of ordinary scattering type photoelectric detectors. It can also pick up fire with obvious rise of temperature such as alcohol fire.

  • Drift compensation suits environment changing extensively.
  • Integrated algorithm for analyzing fire, improving the sensitivity highly.
  • Self-diagnostic.
  • Removable innovative sensing chamber, easy for maintenance.
  • Reporting dirt fault for contaminated chamber.
  • Designed to comply with EN 54-5/EN 54-7 standards.