Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm

    Mains powered with Battery back-up

    The SBI-1030 is a Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm that contains two separate sensing elements – optical and heat. Using intelligent software to monitor two different products of fire, its response to all fire types (TF1 to TF7) is vastly improved over traditional single sensor alarms. The new sensor chamber design intelligent software and the unique dust compensation algorithm also combine to reduce the frequency of nuisance alarms.

    The SBI-1030 runs on 230V AC mains power. In the event of mains failure, the 10 Year+ built in tamper-proof rechargeable lithium cells will provide back-up supply and continuous operation.

    The SBI-1030 also has hard wired Remote Control capability, enabling it to be interconnected to and communicate with compatible Alarms and Devices. Up to 12 Alarms and Devices can be interconnected, which will cause all Alarms to sound when one unit senses fire. An interconnected system will enhance early detection and warning of fire.

    The SBI-1030 self-checks its sensors, battery voltage and internal circuitry every 40 seconds. Any fault condition found will be indicated by a combination of Red / Amber LED flashes and / or audible beeps. The SBI-1030 is designed with advanced diagnostics to help pre-warn of incumbent fault

    The memory feature allows an Alarm that has previously activated to be easily identified.