Master and Distribution Panel

The SHX Voice Evacuation System operates inconjunction with the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) in a building to provide automatic response to life safety emergencies.

The SHX includes all necessary features to provide an effective voice evacuation system. It can be custom configured to satisfy the needs of any high rise application.

Fire department authorities can easily take command of evacuation or relocation procedures and emergencies. Building management and fire brigades can monitor and control emergency response even before the professionals arrive. The SHX system includes capacity for 6 channels of simultaneous audio. This provides evacuation messages for stay-in-place, or other public address announcements and automatic messages.

Fire Fighter Phones or Warden Stations may be included as required. Area of rescue stations can reassure handicapped occupants that help is on the way. Smoke control, stair pressurization, and HVAC shutdown can be completely automatic, unless controlled manually by management or fire authorities.