Mains Circuit Module

The mains circuit module SCM is an electronic module in service-friendly 19″ rack technology and used for the power supply of safety and rescue sign luminaires in mains circuits of security lighting. The circuit module is equipped with two separate circuits inclusive of hedging, each circuit has its own independent switching. For different output powers the following circuit modules are available:

SCM 32 2x F5A 2x 650 VA
SCM 42 2x F6,3A 2x 860 VA

Each circuit module is able to monitor up to 20 lights with single luminaire monitoring and/or can set up a self-calibrating circuit monitoring.

Through the combined operation of non-maintained light, maintained light and switched maintained light, the number of mains circuits needed can be reduced.

The circuit module monitors the connected lights or the circuit on: lights error, Power failure, Ground fault in the circuit, Overload the circuit (at Pout> 10% Pnom), Output fuse blown and shows this by means of the integrated fault LED. Using the INFO button a status query of the module is shown in the display of the central unit.