Light Switch Query Module

The switch query module SDM24 can be used for the common query of light switches of the general lighting and safety lighting. The module is equipped with 8 (7+1) switching inputs which can be connected either with 185-255 VAC and/ or 18-255 VDC.

In addition, the SDM24 has an integrated, activatable 3-phase monitor to monitor the supply voltage of the general lighting. Additional switching lines to the security lights are not required.The module has two RS 485 bus connectors for continuity and/or star-shaped wiring for additional SDM or SLM modules. The supply carried over the bus-line can be boosted on the module using the activated repeater function.

An integrated bus-line monitoring activates in case of short-circuit or open-circuit detection the immediate switching on of all the circuits of the system.

Addressing is performed using a rotary coding switch. The colored LED indicate general errors, switching states of the inputs and normal operation. Freely programmable assignment of independent inputs of each emergency lighting circuit and the designation of the inputs in plain text per bus module are set up in the central control unit. Enclosure for DIN-rail TS35.