Fire Proof Cable

    SHIELD provides wide range of fire-resistant cables independently approved by LPCB and UL. Fire Resistant Cable are used for fire resistant and circuit integrity, essentially to prevent life from smoke and noxious fumes, and where sensitive equipment may be damage by acid forming gases.

    SHIELD fire resistant cable is manufactured in according to the major international standard; BS 6387 CW-Z – BS 7629 – IEC 60331-21 – EN 50200 – BS 8434-2 and UL 1424.

    The material and the structure used for this type of cables depends on the performance required: fire time exposition, fire temperature and extra burning events. Fire performance classes: Flame retardant (FRLS), Low smoke fumes (LS), Fire resistant (FRHF), Low smoke, Halogen free and Fire retardant (HF), Flame Retardant Power-Limited (FPL, FPLR). Typical applications for this type of cables are transmission of analogue, digital signal and control systems.

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