Fan Coil Unit Valve Package

    Fan Coil Unit valve package is an innovative and ultra compact valve arrangement that minimize the time and space required to connect system terminal units to distribution pipe.

    All the components required for flushing and commissioning the system can be combined in a single compact assembly which can be fitted in the tightest corners.

    Fan Coil Unit valve package assembly incorporates an isolation valve with integral strainer, a drain point, an inbuilt special bypass valve and balancing valve, static or dynamic. Thanks to the isolation valve fitted on the flow side, it is possible to clean and service the strainer without having to drain down the whole system.

    Only four connections are required and, because the connections are simple union joints, the whole assembly can be adjusted on site for maximum convenience and easy accessibility in the space available.

    Assembling different valves to achieve these features could be rather complicated, due to the large number of components and couplings used to create the connection. The same procedure is requested for all the terminal units existing in the system. It is evident that such operations could take hundreds of working hours, involve high labour costs and lead to risks for possible joints leakages. None the less it requires high logistic organization to make sure each valve and fitting for the connection are available on site.

    Fan Coil Unit valve package is a preassembled factory tested valve arrangement, which gathers in a unique item all the components needed for terminal end unit, such as strainer, bypass valve, balancing valve and drain cock, with no need of assembly on site.

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