Charger module

The charging module SSLDM25 is an module in service-friendly 19“ rack technology and is used for charging of battery packs in safety power supply systems according to European and national standards.

The charging module SSLDM25 works in conjunction with a isolated transformer according to IUP (TS) which is necessary for galvanic isolation and adjusted to the output power. Charging characteristic according to EN 50272-2. All SSLDM25 charging modules run a software controlled charging process and thus operate independently of the central processing unit.

To save energy and extend the life of the batteries and charging modules the SSLDM25 operates according to a predetermined temperature curve stated by the battery manufacturer and depending on the battery voltage symmetry.

The SSLDM25 limits depending on the system requirements the output current to 0.5A , 1.0A or 2.5 A. To increase the output charging current multiple charging modules are connected in parallel.

Furthermore the charging characteristics of various batteries can be programmed. The pre-programmed charging characteristics of the battery types, NiCd , OGI/OpzS or OGiV can be choosen. An integrated, redundant battery voltage monitor (BSW ) protects the battery from overcharging again.