BAT-LOGG® – Battery Monitoring for Central Battery Systems

Regularly monitoring the battery condition helps to detect defects in time in order to replace defective batteries before they cause damage to the remaining ones.

But let‘s face it: Nobody likes to tamper with a multitude of batteries in narrow space. That‘s reason enough to consider introducing an automatic monitoring system, especially as the amendment standard EN 50171 requires that battery conditions be checked every 5 minutes… e.g. using BAT-LOGG®!

BAT-LOGG® is an automatic monitoring system for batteries which checks and logs the status of each single battery block in a system in short time intervals. By doing so, BAT-LOGG® not only contributes to the safety and reliability of the system, but also helps to reduce maintenance efforts and costs. BAT-LOGG® was specifically designed for easy installation in narrow locations, and is also extremely cost-saving thanks to its minimalist design.