Alarm Check Valve Assembly


The SHIELD alarm check valve features a grooved seat alarm port, an external by-pass, and removable hand hole cover which hinged to a clapper assembly, it has both flanged inlet and outlet, the valve may be installed vertically on a wet pipe sprinkler system, which is used to lock water pressure fluctuations into the sprinkler system during providing the capability of initiating the required fire alarm through a water motor alarm or an electric pressure switch, which may use at constant pressure or variable pressure water supplies.

Wet Alarm Valves are designed to hold back water pressure in the piping system until the sprinkler is activated, to be used in wet pipe sprinkler installations in buildings not subject to freezing temperatures. Alarm Valve includes trim packages valves, gauges, pressure switch, fittings and nipples to provide retard chamber connection, drain connections and alarm test bybass.